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a group of talented professionals attending and to be of service to a glamorous individual.



Your Glamtourage

Your GLAMtourage is your one stop shop for all of your beauty needs!

We are your go-to, to-go glam team! We take pride not only in our quality of work and talent but also in the experience we offer to our clients! 


We know that planning an event like a wedding is stressful! We get it! That's why our goal is to take the worry out of getting ready! 


Our professionals have been in the industry for quite some time now, and have extensive experience in not only beauty looks, but as well as 

special fx, airbrush, esthetic services and more!

We are confident that you will not only love our services but also bond with our stylists, and gain new beauty BFF's!

meet the owner

Maegan Lewis

Professional Makeup artist | Licensed Esthetician | Licensed tattoo artist certified in Microblading. 


Maegan has been a professional makeup artist in the beauty industry for 8+ years. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with her BA in communications. While attending university Maegan began working at a prestige makeup brand and this is where the spark ignited.


Maegan decided to start Glamtourage to create a professional freelance presence in the industry that offers not only quality talent but wholesome individuals. In an industry that can be intimidating to an everyday person, Maegan knew it was important to have down to earth talent, that actually want to help their clients and not in it for the money. "I can teach anyone to do makeup, thats the easy part; but you can't teach people how to be nice" says Maegan. She wanted her clients to be comfortable knowing they are in good hands regardless of which artist or stylist comes to them! For that reason, Maegan hand picks all of the talent for Glamtourage and works with them personally. 

Maegan takes pride in her craft and her brand. She stands behind her team and knows that they are the best in the game!

team bios coming soon...

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